Package "C"                                                                                    $13,495  plus shipping


(Ask us about our available 2-day on-site training within the USA)


  • BRAVO 16-Needle Professional Embroidery Machine & Heavy Duty Cart with Rollers (see description below)
  • DesignShop v 11 Vector (Everything in Lettering & Editor plus Vector Grapics and more)
  • New BRAVO Operating System OS 12with NEW Simplified User Interface.
  • 1100 Stitches per minute
  • Online Webinar Software Training.
  • Dakota Collectables Dakota Quick Clicks 200 Embroidery Designs of Your Choice.
  • Action Illustrated 1,000 Start Up Pack Embroidery Designs.
  • Design Express
  • Embroidery Starter Kit Includes:  Thread, Backing, Topping, Bobbins, Needles, Nippers, Tweezers.
  • 4 Hoop Set (3.5”, 4.68” 5.85” and 17.25” x 11.75”).
  •  Power Cord, US 110V and Crossover Ethernet Cable 25'.
  • Tool Kit Includes:
    Extra trimmer knife, extra red thread feed ruler, extra bobbin case, 2 extra thumb screws for arms, allen wrench set, 4 mm allen driver, bobbin case screwdriver, metal grease, brush for grease, oiler with spout, offset screwdriver, plastic cord for threading tubes, .4 mm gauge for rotary hook support position bracket, panel selection button guide.
  • OPTIONAL ITEMS:  Cap Driver, 2 Frames, Cap Gauge, Micro Pocket Hoops.
  • Large Sewing Fields accepts up to 16.9” x 16.9” optional Hoop



Network up to 4 machines by adding to package “C”


Up to three additional “A” Packages can be plugged into a “C” Package,

to allow you to network up to 4 machines (all operating as C’s)

It Is Not Necessary To Purchase Additional “C” Packages.

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        The BRAVO high performance embroidery machine is designed for the hobbyist, yet capable of commercial production.

Here are some noteworthy BRAVO features:

  • 16 needles for high production output.
  • Easy cap sewing, large 270° sew field
  • Patented Acti-Feed™ thread control with auto-tension
  • Small cylindrical lower arm enables embroidery on a wide variety of production at high speed.
  • Large 15.7" x 16.1" jacket back sewing field
  • Compatible with home and commercial file formats, includes embroidery software, Dakota Quick Click Program and 1,000 embroidery designs.
  • Engineered in the United States.
  • Network up to four BRAVOs to create a multi-head machine.

The BRAVO 16 needle professional embroidery machine offers businesses of any size powerful embroidery capabilities at an affordable price.

The BRAVO can embroider apparel, caps, bags, and a wide variety of textiles with beautiful quality.  BRAVO produces professional embroidery your customers demand.


Embroidered goods are in demand and the BRAVO is built to produce.


New BRAVO Operating System

  • Easy design loading
  • Registration of designs is easy with the laser alignment feature.
  • Simplified color sequence customization
  • Thread tensions are automatically adjusted by BRAVO OS.  This feature reduces thread breaks and simplifies machine operation.
  • Installation is a breeze.